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Titanium Cellular Repagen

Harmful environmental influences such as air pollution, active passive smoking, heavy make-up and other stress factors cause the formation of free radicals and lead to an accelerated aging process. Phytomo's Titanium Cellular Repagen Kit is a highly effective, detoxifying Anti-Aging-Series, fighting the formation of free radicals and thus prolongs the life span of cells. The treatment helps is slowing the aging process, activates immune system and making the skin look clear and youthful fresh.

• Peeling
• Keratolytic (loosens horny   skin, flaking)
• Skin softening
• Skin Lightening.
5 ml NET WT. 0.17 FL. OZ.
• Detoxifies the skin
• Anti-bacterial: Kills bacteria,   viruses and fungi
• Activates the skin's own   immune system
• Protects against harmful   environmental influences
2 ml NET WT. 0.06 FL. OZ.
• Concentrated nutrient source   (titanium nano particles, phyto   extracts and amino acids)
• Anti-oxidant
• Skin firming
2X35 ml NET WT. 1.16 FL. OZ.
mask powder
• Firming
• Skin Cell Division
• Activates the skin's own   immune system
• Calming
15g NET WT. 0.5 FL. OZ.
finishing care
• Prevents moisture loss
• Increases skin's moisture   retention
• Improves the water binding
• Imparts fresh and healthy   complexion
10 ml NET WT. 0.34 FL. OZ.