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Swiss Apple Stem Cell Therapy

Phyto stem cells play a central role in development of a new organism and in the repair and regeneration of tissues. In clinical tests, Swiss green apple stem cell extracts has proven to be highly effective in maintaining the youth of skin cells. PhytoLuxe – a luxury green apple stem cell treatment line by Phytomo, is a unique liposomal preparation based on the stem cells of the rare Swiss Uttwiler Spatlauber Apple. This luxury treatment combats chronological signs of ageing by activating skin’s own stem cell regeneration to enhance blood circulation, repair damage, increase elasticity and imparts radiance.

• Gentle yet intensive peeling
• Simultaneously counteracts skin aging
• Reveals a smoother, firmer complexion
2 ml NET WT. 0.06 FL. OZ.
Stem cell face serum
• Rich Stem cells
• Regenerates
• Improves skin flexibility
• Firming
• Relaxes the facial muscles
• Smoothens wrinkles
2 ml NET WT. 0.06 FL. OZ.
stem cell eye serum
• Rich Stem cells
• Strengthens lymph drainage
•Capillary permeability reduced
• Acts against puffy eyes
• Reduces fine eye wrinkles
2 ml NET WT. 0.06 FL. OZ.
stem cell neck serum
• Rich Stem cells
• Firming effects
• Skin looks plumper
• Stimulates collagen   formation
• Fine wrinkles are reduced
• Booster for tired skin
2 ml NET WT. 0.06 FL. OZ.
stem cell gel mask
• Rich in Stem cells
• Prevents moistures loss
• Improves pores
• Even complexion
• Thin protective film
• The skin looks softer
25 ml NET WT. 0.84 FL. OZ.
stem cell cream
• Rich in Stem cells
• Intense Moisturizing
• Freshens-up- the skin
• Wrinkle are immediately   padded
30 ml NET WT. 1.0 FL. OZ.