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PHYTOMO is a professional skin care brand that invests in, innovates and expands the horizon of beauty to unparalleled standards. A brand that represents excellence and prestige in beauty salons, dermatology clinics, fitness centres and spas, internationally
Phytomo, developed under license from Medispa Laboratory & Technology (Houston, Texas) incorporates the latest scientific ingredient technology, advanced delivery systems and concepts. Phytomo has the cutting edge when it comes to product innovation which is performed at by merging with numerous international cosmetic scientists and microbiologists from various superior laboratories based in Hong Kong, Italy and USA. This has benefited our product development tremendously and has guaranteed that only the latest scientific data is incorporated in our product range.
Phytomo delivers ‘Result-oriented, Esthetic excellence’ through its range of specially tailored high quality professional skin care which is designed for the treatment room, supported by products for use at home.
Whether the need is to rejuvenate skin, smoothen wrinkles or enhance facial contours, our products combine exquisite formulas to deliver results that are immediate, with visible dramatic improvement. In addition to advance facial beauty treatments, Phytomo’s range provides luxurious body treatments, sun care protection, and modern fitness solutions.

  • Our goal is quality and effectiveness above all else.
  • The ultimate luxury in beauty and wellness.
  • Each formula has been created with the most advanced, safest, finest and most effective ingredients to ensure optimum results.
  • Each product is submitted to various tests before, during and after production for purity, stability as well as efficiency tests to prove the long-lasting effects.
  • All products are manufactured in the state of the art laboratories where every operation meets or exceeds accepted GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).
  • Each product is sealed (tamper-evident) for your protection.
  • Not tested on animals.