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We create and assist brands
As world class experts in skin cosmeceuticals and beauty equipment, we appreciate the essentials of skin care and how to achieve results by using high quality active ingredients combined with advanced technology.
With research headquarters in Texas, USA and production units across several countries in Asia; all our formulations are developed integrating the latest innovations in skin care technology as well as new cosmeceutical materials such as bio-peptides, glycoproteins, phytochemicals, growth factors, liposome, nano encapsulated, plant stem cell, herbal and bio-fermentation. These are all conscientiously designed and incorporated in recommended doses which effectively penetrate through the epidermis and release directly into the skin’s problem areas.
MediSpa has been undertaking private label contract manufacturing for numerous spa & salons as well as corporates in the beauty business across countries, and has been meeting varied product needs and demand.
We develop, create, manufacture and ship private label products and provide you with high quality products that will assist you in customizing your vision of your product line and image
All formulations are produced using ultra purified water, cGMP processes, paraben free without harmful chemical additives and custom-selected active ingredients to achieve desired results. Our formulas are available in serum, gel, cream, foaming product, cleanser, toner, mask, suncare, decorative, and other specialty products.

Packaging and Design

We also understand that good packaging is as just important as the product itself, therefore we provide packaging options and sizes. Dedicated design and development team work together with the clients to deliver the best suited packaging of the products. If you are interested to create your own brand of skin care products, contact us at