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Phyto Peel

As we age, our skin thickness, looses transparency, wrinkles become deeper and the subcutaneous supply worsens. The skin begins to look tired, dull, uneven and blotchy. The dry scaly skin lacks firmness and elasticity. Within a short time the treatment with products containing fruit acids will bring lasting success. Phyto Peel treatment combines the best ingredients from nature and science to address dermal concerns ranging from pigmentation, aging, melasma to solving specific skin conditions such as large-pored, impure or blemished skin.


Pre-Cleansing to intensively cleanse prepare the skin for an optimal absorption of the active ingredients.
10 ml NET WT. 0.34 FL. OZ.
peel mask strong
Exfoliating strong mask containing highly concentrated fruit acids.
10 ml NET WT. 0.34 FL. OZ.
neutralizer gel
Neutralizer Gel completely removes the loosened skin cells, to neutralise and prepare the skin for finishing care.
10 ml NET WT. 0.34 FL. OZ.
care cream
Finishing care with neutralising properties and calming effect on the skin.
10 ml NET WT. 0.34 FL. OZ.