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HD Cleansing

Thorough facial cleansing is the first step to specific beauty care. Cleansed skin absorbs successive active ingredients more efficiently. The HD Cleansing emulsion thoroughly removes dirt, sebum excretion and make-up in a gentle way. Phytomo’s smooth and refreshing cleansing series are available in two variants.


Cleansing Gel
High Definition Cleansing Gel is a clarifying gel-based cleanser ideally suitable for the oily-acne prone skin and teenagers. Deeply cleanses the pores of accumulated excess sebum, surface impurities, and make-up, leaving the skin thoroughly purified, smooth and shine free.
Skin Type Indications
• Oily
• Combination
• Acne Prone
• Soft foaming gel
• Deep Cleansing
• Thoroughly removes excess sebum, dirt and make-up
• Skin cooling properties
• Anti-inflammatory and soothing
1000 ml NET WT. 34 FL. OZ
Cleansing Lotion
High Definition Cleansing Lotion is a rich creamy formulation ideally suitable for normal and dry skin type. Perfect blend of active ingredients provide thoroughly cleansed skin, removing dirt particles, sebum and make-up, without causing dryness.
Skin Type Indications
• Normal
• Dry
• Sensitive
• Smooth and gentle cleansing milk
• Thoroughly removes dirt particles and make-up
• Does not dry the skin
• Deep cleansing, without removing protective film
1000 ml NET WT. 34 FL. OZ.