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Fitness Cosmeceuticals
Fitness Cosmeceuticals

Addressing the demands of moderm lifestyle, Phtomo's effective fitness cosmeceutical products target cellulite reduction, inch loss program, stretch mark reduction, steam & sauna gels, complementing the fitness regime. The products are formulated using active ingredients chosen specifically to provide desired results.

Sauna gel
• Prevents the formation of new   fatty tissue
• Strongly improves blood   circulation
• De-watering of the tissues
• Stimulates lymphatic fluid
10ml NET WT. 0.34 FL. OZ.
workout activator
• Activates fat reduction
• Increase lymphatic flow
• Enhances the skin,s elasticity
• Increase the fat buring   process in the body's adipose   tissue
10ml NET WT. 0.34 FL. OZ.