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Driven by our passion to elevate the knowledge, skills and expertise of the Phytomo treatment professionals, the team of international educators at the Phytomo Skin Academy constantly review and update the training programmes and techniques.
The Phytomo Skin Academy training programmes have been developed for both new and existing skin treatment centres. Only qualified skin treatment professionals are eligible for enrolment into the Phytomo training programmes. Training programmes offer extensive course content and in-depth brand understanding
Phytomo has developed a highly effective education curriculum, focused on delivering an outstanding forum for understanding the science behind products, the techniques and impacts, use of various beauty equipments and understanding the dynamics of combining various techniques to deliver a tailor made skin treatment.

The success of our skin treatment professionals relies on empowering them with the best possible training and education. The Phytomo curriculum is based on implementing all the information in a simplistic structure with the focus on converting the student from a skin therapist to expert skin treatment professional.

If you are interested to join one of our training programmes at the Phytomo Skin Academy, write to us at