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Bio-Cellular Velvet Masks

High Effective: 3D Nanometer structure with gradient density to enhance the essence transfer efficiency.

Skin-Tight coverage: The superfine fibre structure makes them fit like a second skin. The coverage causes skin temperature to fall, opening pores, and enhancing firming and calming effects. Easy to use: The mask comes in shape and ready for application. Just apply the mask in less than a minute and leave it for 20 minutes while you relax. Eco-Friendly: Velvet mask is eco friendly, through bio method, less trees and plants are cultivated, this preserve the environment.
repair mask
Recommended to be used Post tretments such as :
• Micro-Dermabrasion
• Laser Tretments
• Peels
• Oxyjets
• Radio Frequency Treatments
6X25 ml NET WT. 0.84 FL. OZ.
Moisture intense mask
Recommended for extremely Dry, Sensitve and Sun damaged skin
• Smoothens and nurtures the skin
• Highly moisture binding
• Calms Inflammation
• Anti-Inflammatory
• De-swelling
• Improves Circulation
6X25 ml NET WT. 0.84 FL. OZ.