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Beauty Devices
Beauty Devices

MediSpa Laboratory & Technology offers beauty equipments in a wide complexity and application range, including Radio Frequency (RF) beauty machine, E-light beauty equipment, IPL beauty machine, NANO Skin Lab, Oxyjet system, Facial beauty machine, Slimming beauty equipment, SPA capsule and other beauty equipments. Combining latest research & development, high-tech production, training and after-sale services together, MediSpa delivers high quality beauty and health care equipments to beauty salons and Spa centres.


GK4 Machine

Enhance your signature skin treatments by combining a special cosmetic device – the GK4 machine. This hand-held device combines the three most successfully used technologies in medicinal and cosmetic treatments, namely Ultrasound, Far-Infrared and Ionisation. Deeply effective activation of the skin’s tissues and their metabolism, leads to increased permeability of the skin. Special nutrients can thus be transported over the opened channels directly into the tissues which are in need of regeneration. The result is an immediate and lasting improvement of the skin.

• Combines Ultrasound, Far-infrared and Ionization
• Skin moisture test feature
• Immediate results and deeply effective
• Pre-designed programs facilitating ease of use
• Basic Care programs include cleansing, massage, nutrition and lifting
• Special Care programs include deep cleansing,    whitening, wrinkle reduction
• Convenient hand-held device with LCD display
Radio Frequency

MediSpa’s advance technology Radio Frequency (RF) Device equipped with both Monopolar and Bipolar energy for performing various skin treatments giving superior results

RF Applications/ Treatments
• Wrinkle Reduction
• Face Lift
• Double Chin Reduction
• Skin Tightening
• Cellulite Reduction
• Post-Pregnancy Treatment
• Body Contouring

E-Light is a revolutionary laser equipment for skin care, which combines the most advanced and effective technologies – Advance Intense Pulse Light (IPL)

Radio Frequency (RF) System - Skin Contact Cooling

•Fast effect with Dual RF – Monopolar & Bipolar
• Concurrent cooling system
• Safer technology as compared to conventional IPL
• Suitable for Fitzpatrick IV & V - Asian skin color
• Extremely fast and enhanced results
• Wide range of tools for all types of applications
• User-friendly operations
• Colorful 12” TFT touch-screen for navigation
• Client relaxation during treatment
• Advance managing software
NANO Skin Lab
MediSpa’s Skin Lab is a revolutionary equipment based on state of the art Liquid Plasma Technology which helps in creating customised serums as home-care for the clients
• Skin Lab helps you create highly effective serums as home-care for your Clients to address their skin concerns
•Assortment of serums formulated with a multitude of high-tech ingredients that includes Phyto Stem Cells, Peptide complexes and Vitamins
• The base of each serum can be customized to meet the specific needs of each client
• The serum is then enriched with NANO Platinum particles using liquid plasma technology, which downsizes all the active ingredients to microscopic particles to allow for deeper penetration
Oxyjet System
MediSpa’s OxyJet is an effective device for deeply skin cleansing, nutrition and oxygen supply to the skin. Additionally other applications of the device include:
Acne: The best way to treat acne and acne scarring, fit for all types of skin
Skin Soften: skin whitening, improve the skin gloomily, make the pore small, improve the skin to be rough
Skin Reconstruction: eliminate and tighten the wrinkle for face, neck, near eye, mouth and nose; increase the skin elasticity
Alopecia Seborrheica: combine the producing factors with the oasis gene, the treatment result to be remarkable
Endogenous pigmentation: the mixture of water and oxygen can wash the pigmentation away from the epidermis