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Active Mask Systems

Phytomo offers Four unique masks to help the skin to regain its natural balance. These masks have been specially developed for tretment of common skin problems. They have all the regeberating properties of aromatic plant extrats. Trace elemets, Amino acids, Enzyme and Vitamins give new nutrients and long lasting results.


Noir - Carbon mask
One of the most popular and signature masks from Phytomo is the Noir Black carbon mask. This multi-functional mask removes excess oil and impurities. Enriched with concentrated Clay, activated Carbon, Witch Hazel, Lemongrass and Cedarwood, Noir cooling facial mask rapidly cleanses clogged skin pores. Noir mask also absorbs excess oils, tones skin cpmplexion and minimizes appearance of pores. Noir face mask is a must try!
250 ml NET WT. 8.4 FL. OZ.
Hydra Intense mask
Hydra Intense Mask has been developed to strengthen the skin's own immune system. By applying biotechnological active ingredients of the newest genration, the skin regains its natural balance;specially in case of dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin. Hydra intense can specifically act on harmful irritations, which particularly in sensitive skin can lead to premature skin aging.
250 ml NET WT. 8.4 FL. OZ.
Hydrolysed Enzyme
Sunshine does not only make you happy, but it is also essential for formation of the vital vitamin D. However, excessive sun radiation can be damaging, causing Pigmentation, Tanning and also promote premature skin aging. Hydrolysed Enzyme Mask acts against tired and dull skin, it supports healing process of sun burnt skin. Also improves complexion and makes the skin appear more radiant and fresh.
250 ml NET WT. 8.4 FL. OZ.
Whitening Message cream
Phytomo Whitening Massage is a special product for the prevention and lightening of tan skin.Sun exposure or hormonal changes cause darking of the face, neck, decollete, hands and arms. Botanical ingredients of the Whitening Massage Cream, such as Arbutin, Tropaelum Majus, in combination with vitamin C, help lighten dark skin. Moisturizers give new resilience and elasticity leading to a radiant and even complexion.
250 ml NET WT. 8.4 FL. OZ.